Monday, March 24, 2014

The Power of Music

In my posts I have shared that the soul song Love Peace and Harmony transforms and heals. The benefits of music have been known for a long time. There are references to how transforming music is in various literary works and in many cultures.

There is also documentation from other perspectives. A book I found interesting, which gives stories of the impact of music is The Mozart Effect by Don Campbell. The music listened to or played was classical, composed by people and it still had a profound effect.

Love Peace and Harmony was given by the Divine to Master Sha so every note, every rest, has Divine frequency. The potential for transforming conditions and situations is very high. The Frequency and vibration carries Divine Love, Divine Forgiveness, Divine Compassion, and Divine Light. The potential for healing and transformation is almost without limit.

Make a request. You can request improved health, better finances, and better memory, anything that will improve your health. You can apply Love Peace and Harmony to almost any situation.

Play or listen to Love Peace and Harmony. Notice the results. Share your story with others and on this blog.

Download Love, Peace & Harmony MP3

Click the image to listen to the
Divine Soul Song Love Peace Harmony.
To download, right-click (Mac: Control-click)
and select Save.

Love and gratitude,
Master Marilyn

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  1. The Power of Sound…. the beauty of this Soul Song Love Peace and Harmony resonates with our Hearts and Souls. Thank you for this wisdom and knowledge by Dr and Master Sha.