Frank Shares the Impact of Love Peace Harmony on his life.

Benefits of Singing Love, Peace & Harmony - Working long hours on an Oil Drilling Platform in the cold waters of alaska is not for the faint at heart! This wonderful woman who is the Chef to a large crew of workers has found a way to keep everything running smoothly by using the Love Peace Harmony Song Soul CD. on the Oil Platform in Alaska! Newly Remastered.

Benefits of Singing Love, Peace & Harmony - Board of Education Department Councilor in San Francisco smooths out some unruly parents when they find out their kids can't attend the school of their choice! How did he do it? He Chanted Love, Peace and Harmony non-stop each day for several months, out loud and silently, and then noticed an amazing shift in his workplace. The "Love, Peace & Harmony" Soul Song Transformed the way people reacted from expressing anger to acceptance. Newly Remastered.


  1. Thank you Master Sha for creating the Love Peace & Harmony Movement. TY Master Patricia and Master Marilyn for your spreading this mission of Master Sha. I'm looking for the LP&H video that features all the languages and cannot find it. Do you have the link handy? TYTYTY. LYLYLY. CBD. CBD. CBD.