Thursday, July 17, 2014

Business Success and Love Peace and Harmony

The divine soul song Love Peace and Harmony has transformed so many situations. The story of how it transformed a business relationship is truly amazing and encouraging. So often we feel limited by our situation. The experience in this video shows that with a little effort and the willingness to try a different approach amazing results are possible! It is so much more fun to sing than to sit through hours of meetings. We literally are empowered by singing.

Share your stories of blessings and transformation through using Love Peace and Harmony.

Love and blessings,
Master Marilyn

Monday, June 23, 2014

How a Bully Became a Friend

I have shared this story as part of an earlier post but it is so heart touching it deserves its own post.

A kindergarten girl was being "bothered" by two classmates who were "mean" to her. She tried all the strategies her mother and grandmother taught her but none of them worked. Her grandmother asked me for suggestions on how to handle the situation more effectively.

Immediately, the idea of singing Love Peace and Harmony for the little girl, the students who were "bothering" her, their teacher, every grown person who came into the classroom, the parents of all her classmates and the siblings of her classmates. A small group of five of us sang Love Peace and
Harmony daily for 15 minutes. We included all these groups. After only two weeks the situation had changed. The rapport continued to improve until after just a matter of weeks one of the "mean" students invited the little girl home for a play date!

This is absolutely the most effective solution to bullying that I have ever experienced is all the years I taught school. It brought results and it was totally cost effective.

I would love to hear stories of how you have used Love Peace and Harmony to transform situations.

Love and blessings,
Master Marilyn

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Unborn Babies and Love Peace and Harmony

Recently I had the most exciting conversation with an expectant new mom. She has a strong desire for her baby to be healthy and happy when she is born. As we talked I had the inspiration to share with her that Master Sha has downloaded Love Peace and Harmony to every soul in all universes. That means that the baby in her womb has many downloads of Love Peace and Harmony! When she sings Love Peace and Harmony she can ask all the downloads her baby has to join her as she sings.

What a lucky baby! She will be held in the frequency and vibration of Love Peace and Harmony until she is born. I have a sense the deliver will go very well.

I also suggested that this new mom invite some of her friends to join her and have them ask all the downloads their babies have to join the moms as they chant. They can even be global and invite all the babies that are being carried in their mother's wombs to chant with them. Globally many of these mother's live in places where there is war, hunger or other difficult situations. What a wonderful gift
and blessings for these babies to be held in the frequency and vibration of Love Peace and Harmony.

What a difference this will make for humanity! Share you ideas of ways to use Love Peace and Harmony.

Love and gratitude,
Master Marilyn

Thursday, May 8, 2014

How to Help Calm Children's Fears Using Love Peace and Harmony

Some children have very active third eye ability. This means they see images of the soul world. Some of these images can be very vivid. Often the images are beautiful but sometimes they can be unpleasant. 

Recently the grandchildren of a student were seeing unpleasant images. She let me know
what was going on so I sent special blessings using Love Peace and Harmony. To my
delight, within a few days everything had changed. The images had changed. The children felt happy and tranquil.

Love Peace and Harmony is such a powerful healing tool. It is just as effective whether or
not the child is in your lap or on the other side of the world. The Divine frequency and vibrations are not limited by time or space. This global reach of Love Peace and Harmony is an additional benefit of this wonderful Soul Song.  

Please share your stories of how you have used Love Peace and Harmony to help people in different parts of the world. Please include your name or initials, your city and country. 

Love and blessings,
Master Marilyn

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How to Help Children Sleep Peacefully Using Love Peace and Harmony.

In my travels to various continents I have had the opportunity to talk to many moms,
aunties, grandmas, some dads, uncles and grandpas. I have heard wonderful, heart touching stories about the ways they have used Love Peace and Harmony with their little ones. For the next few posts I will share the essence of some of what has been shared with me.

Bedtime can sometimes be stressful. There are many reasons
for this. For some children it is actually scary. Others don’t like to end the day’s activities and then, there are all the reasons in between.

Children all round the world have settled down, calmed down and gone to sleep peacefully while Love Peace and
Harmony is being sung to them. It is a beautiful picture to see a stressed little one slip into peaceful slumber. You know they will have beautiful dreams. 
Slipping into peaceful slumber also works for big people. All you need to do is play the CD gently and relax as Master Sha sings for you. That is very lovely. 

This Divine Soul Song is so powerful because it carries Divine frequency and vibration. This means it carries Divine Love which heals, on all levels. Divine Forgiveness which brings inner joy and peace. Divine Compassion which boosts energy, stamina, vitality and immunity and Divine Light which heals, rejuvenates, prevents illness and more. With all these wonderful healing treasures it is easy to understand why Love Peace and Harmony is so effective.

Share your stories, pictures, videos of how Love Peace and Harmony has made a difference for you and/or the little ones in your life. Besides your name or initials please include your city and country.

Love and blessings,
Master Marilyn