Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Divine Healing Hands Can Bring More Love Peace and Harmony

There are so many ways we can bring more Love Peace and Harmony to humanity, Mother Earth and all universes. The song Love Peace and Harmony is definitely an excellent way to do this. There are other ways to do this too.

One that is very powerful is Divine Healing Hands. This is a treasure from the heart of the Divine to
an individual. Receiving this treasure means you have literally received God's Soul Light Hands. The healing ability that goes with this is huge. You can use Divine Healing Hands for yourself, your family, pets, nature and relationships. You can even use Divine Healing Hands for finances.

Humanity and Mother Earth are facing such difficult times. Having God's Soul Light Hands to bring more Love Peace and Harmony is a real honor. I have used this treasure many times. The results are amazing. I am filled with gratitude and joy every time I am able to help someone using this treasure.

I am excited to lead a Divine Healing Hands workshop this weekend, April 11 -13.  https://www.drsha.com/ This will be a global event held in over 30 cities! We are so blessed also, because Master Sha will lead part of everyday, giving teachings and blessings.

You are each invited to receive this wonderful treasure and to spread Love Peace and Harmony in even another way.

Love and blessings,
Master Marilyn

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Power of Music

In my posts I have shared that the soul song Love Peace and Harmony transforms and heals. The benefits of music have been known for a long time. There are references to how transforming music is in various literary works and in many cultures.

There is also documentation from other perspectives. A book I found interesting, which gives stories of the impact of music is The Mozart Effect by Don Campbell. The music listened to or played was classical, composed by people and it still had a profound effect.

Love Peace and Harmony was given by the Divine to Master Sha so every note, every rest, has Divine frequency. The potential for transforming conditions and situations is very high. The Frequency and vibration carries Divine Love, Divine Forgiveness, Divine Compassion, and Divine Light. The potential for healing and transformation is almost without limit.

Make a request. You can request improved health, better finances, and better memory, anything that will improve your health. You can apply Love Peace and Harmony to almost any situation.

Play or listen to Love Peace and Harmony. Notice the results. Share your story with others and on this blog.

Download Love, Peace & Harmony MP3

Click the image to listen to the
Divine Soul Song Love Peace Harmony.
To download, right-click (Mac: Control-click)
and select Save.

Love and gratitude,
Master Marilyn

Monday, March 17, 2014

Darcie's Story

Last week I was talking to Darcie, the PR person for Master Sha, and she shared several amazing experiences that are such good examples of the power and benefits of the soul song Love Peace and Harmony.

When the Chanting Channel started Darcie decided to listen to the chanting all day for 10 days. During those 10 days there were so many blessings in her life. Just one of those was an increase in her business. Since those were 10 days of wonderful blessings Darcie decided to continue the practice, however her schedule accelerated she was not able to follow her plan.

As each day passed Darcie said she noticed things were not going so well until finally she was aware she had become quite grumpy and her business was no flowing. She “reached for the Love Peace Harmony CD and started playing it nonstop”. To her delight her attitude
shifted almost immediately. Darcie said her husband and friends don’t really understand about this song but they see the results and they think Love Peace and Harmony is wonderful!

This is not a “one of its kind” story. There are many experiences similar to this. It is so simple. Think of what you want to improve. Ask this Divine soul song to bless your request. Play the song. Sing the song. Watch the change. Experience the transformation! Share your story.

Love and blessings,
Master Marilyn

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I Am Here Because of Love

Very often, in this blog, I share stories that others have told me or that I have witnessed. Today, the post is my own story. It tells of my recovery from a life threatening accident, as a toddler. I am happy to share it with you because my recovery process was so special. 

The way I healed is friends of my grandparents and other family members came to my
grandparent’s home and held me. They sat in the rocking chair and rocked me, or walked back and forth holding me. They did this until their turn was over then the next person took turns holding me. This went on 24/7 until I fully recovered. When I was well I had to learn to walk again.

As a result I know, in every cell of my body, that love heals, or as Master Sha says, “Love melts all blockages”. I am here because I was loved into wellness. I feel very blessed that I had that accident. It has been a big part of shaping my outlook on life. I know that no matter how painful or difficult, everything will be alright. 

I know this is why I have such a strong heart connection to the Soul Song Love Peace and Harmony. I know love heals. I know this song heals and transforms. 

You too can tap into the power of love by using the beautiful song Love Peace and Harmony. You can use it to heal so many aspects of life. The healing can be on the physical level. It could be on the emotional or academic level. Healing can take place in relationships. It can even take place in finances. Love can melt blockages in absolutely any area of our life. We simply have to try it. The soul song Love Peace and Harmony is a wonderful way to access the power of Love, of Peace and of Harmony. Use it daily. Experience its presence.  
I would love to hear your stories. I’m sure they will also be amazing. Whenever, and however, Love Peace and Harmony touches our life it is amazing.

Love and gratitude,
Master Marilyn