Tuesday, July 12, 2016

30 Days of LPH in Daily Life: Day Five: Closure through Love Peace and Harmony

Closure through Love Peace and Harmony

Below is the Day Five in the series 30 Days of Love Peace and Harmony in Daily Life. The topic is significant because we are all at some point in the process of closure, or letting go.

In our lives, there are things that have in fact come to closure, there are some that are in the process and there are some that we might need to really put more energy into having them at least begin the process of closure.

The soul of Love Peace and Harmony has great wisdom to share with us about how Love Peace and Harmony can help us, no matter where we are in the process. Here is the flow from Love Peace and Harmony.

My most dearly beloved sons and daughters I love you so much. I want to help you in all aspects of your life. I am so grateful to share with you, to tell you of my love and let you know how much I can help you. I want to help you so much. All you need to do is ask.
For all that has been part of your life where you have experienced closure ask Love Peace and Harmony to radiate more. The event will continue to receive blessings and will become a powerful presence of healing and health.

For those things that still need closure it is so simple. Ask me to radiate in each part of these things; the people, environment, structures and any other thing that is part of what needs closure. When I become present it will be possible for you to release and heal anything blocking the closure.

So often closure is blocked by unbalanced emotions and attachments. When I radiate in the organs connected to the unbalanced emotion, there will be a transformation in the emotion. When I radiate in your Message Center (Heart Chakra) you will be able to release attachments. I am waiting to serve you. Hao.

Body Power: Sit straight. Put your feet flat on the floor. Put both hands below your navel. Put your tongue at the top of your mouth. 

Soul Power:
Dear soul mind and body of Love Peace and Harmony, I love you, thank you and appreciate you. You have the ability to help bring closure to situations and events in my life so they will radiate Love Peace and Harmony. Please heal my unbalanced emotions of (name the emotions) and transform the attachments I have. I know you will do a good job! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Mind Power: Visualize or imagine each event or situation radiating beautiful rainbow light.

Sound Power: Sing, or play, Love Peace and Harmony for 15 minutes. In your home, or wherever you are play Love Peace and Harmony all day. The volume can be very low. You will be delightfully surprised to discover what happens.

I look forward to reading your experiences when you connect with the flow from Love Peace and Harmony and the practice that follows the flow.

Love and gratitude,
Master Marilyn                                                                                                               


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Heart Touching Responses to Healing Memory practice

Heart touching responses were given by the group who used the Healing Memories practice in my last post. I am sharing a couple of responses in today’s post. 

One participant felt calmer because she knows me and feels that when I am present, the whole Heaven is present.

Another participant shared that the memory she brought to mind is not a very old one, but it brought burning tears to her eyes and a pain in her left upper shoulder of about a 10.

She was a little surprised. As we chanted and I talked, reminding everyone that we are what we chant it was like an imprint that was occurring and the pain actually subsided to an 8, and then, as she shared, it became a 7. The tears stopped and the burning stopped.

That was amazing after only 5 minutes of chanting. Before this practice the student was not aware of the intensity of this memory. She was surprised at how strong it was and that it was almost immobilizing.

I suggested that the she continue to chant Love Peace and Harmony and to do forgiveness practice because that memory was asking for a healing.
Memories can be very powerful in our lives. Whatever the memory is, it will become less painful, less scary, and less worrisome. 

Whatever your response happens to be will begin to heal and everyone who was part of that memory will enter into the experience of Love Peace and Harmony, so it is offering great service. Those who are participants in
whatever memory you have in your awareness will receive such wonderful blessings. They will receive such beautiful service.

This is something that you can do all the time, every day. You can add it to a practice that you are already doing. There are many, many possibilities. It is so important to be aware of the power of this song and to apply it to every situation.

Love and gratitude,
Master Marilyn

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How Love Peace and Harmony Can Heal Memories

 Healing Memories

Many of us are walking around with memories that are actually heavy burdens. We do not need to do this. These memories can be healed and this healing can happen much faster than we could imagine.

In today’s post I will share with you how to apply the Soul Song Love Peace and Harmony to heal a memory. In the part for Soul Power I will ask you to bring a memory to your awareness. My next post will tell you the results after just five minutes of chanting.

We will apply the Four Powers

Body Power: Please sit up straight; put your feet flat on the floor. Put both hands below the navel. Make sure your neck is straight. Sometimes we forget and we bow our heads, but when we are doing this practice we need to keep our neck straight with the top of our head parallel to the roof where we are sitting.

Mind Power: Put your focus at your Zhong, which is the space between your waist and the base of your body, the back half of your body. Where your focus is, is where the light will go. In the Body Power, where your hands go is where the light will go. 

Sound power will be the song Love Peace and Harmony. For the lyrics and music, click here.

Soul Power: Soul power is to say hello to outer souls and the inner souls:

Dear Soul Mind and Body of Love Peace and Harmony. I love you, thank you, honor you, and appreciate you. Please give a healing blessing to ______(whatever the memory is). Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Dear Soul Mind and Body of all of the Love Peace and Harmony downloaded to all souls in all universes. I Love you, thank you, honor you, and appreciate you. Please turn on and radiate Love Peace and Harmony to one another.

Dear Tao Dan for Love Peace and Harmony given to all humanity, Mother Earth, countless planets, stars, galaxies and universes. I love you, thank you, honor you and appreciate you. Please radiate Love Peace and Harmony to one another. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

As you keep all of this in your awareness think of some memory that, when you bring it to your awareness, makes your heart feel sad; maybe you get a pit in your stomach; maybe your shoulders get tense; maybe you start to worry or feel some unbalanced emotion - just be with that memory  for just a few seconds.

Dear Love Peace and Harmony, I love you, thank you, honor you, appreciate you. Please give a healing blessing to this memory. Please transform it so that it can serve with love peace and harmony, thank you, thank you, thank you.
Now chant Love Peace and Harmony for 5 minutes. As you are chanting, please be in the condition of Love Peace and Harmony. That means you ARE love peace and harmony. Right now you are chanting Love Peace and Harmony, so you ARE Love Peace and Harmony, and whatever the memory is that you brought into your awareness - that is going to enter into the frequency and vibration of Love Peace and Harmony. Continue to sit straight and sing Love Peace and Harmony. For the lyrics and music, click here.

[Love Peace Harmony song singing.]
End with: 
Hao. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Now connect again with the memory that you brought to your awareness and
notice how it feels; what is the intensity like now? Take a few seconds to become aware of that. Also see if the intensity has changed. Is it less intense, OR maybe it is more intense, maybe more love peace and harmony is needed. 

In my next post I will share some responses to this practice. You can also post your responses in the Comments section. I would love to hear from you.

Love and gratitude,

Master Marilyn

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Listen to LovePeace and Harmony on the Radio

Every Tuesday at 1:00 pm Pacific Time, I do a live Blog Talk Radio program on the phone. It is such a wonderfully interactive program every week. People phone in and are able to share stories about what is happening by using Love Peace and Harmony. And there are many, many amazing stories. Join us:  1-302-202-1110, code 363357.

I have used the theme of healing for several programs which really touches every aspect of life and is so needed. If you have another idea, feel free to make your suggestions by posting on this blog, my Facebook page or my twitter account. You can also phone in!

Since the focus will be healing I want to give you an idea of what I am talking about - when I talk about “healing in all aspects of our lives”. The first one that might come to people‘s consciousness, or your thinking, will be healing on a physical level: some kind of condition or some kind of a chronic illness. But there is also healing on the emotional level, healing on the mental level, healing on the spiritual level, healing of relationships, healing of finances, and our list could continue on. 

In each of the different topics there are so many sub-topics. We could actually continue on this particular theme for a very, very long time. There is another category that I didn’t even mention and that’s memories. So maybe you could say, “Master Marilyn, that is really relationships.” Possibly that is true. The actual reality is that every single one of those topics includes all the others, but there is an emphasis on one particular aspect of life, so that is what I will be doing. Today what I am going to be emphasizing will be healing of memories through chanting Love Peace and Harmony.  This is going to be a very beautiful experience, although I must say that every single time that we sing Love Peace and Harmony it is a beautiful experience.

In my next post, I will share some of the heart touching stories from this program. I'd love to hear your healing stories using Love Peace and Harmony.

Love and gratitude,
Master Marilyn