LPH Stories

This page is for you to add your own story. I have heard so many amazing stories about people using Love Peace and Harmony. I waned to give you an opportunity to post your own story. I'm excited about having a place to share these stories.


  1. Last year my dear Aunt transitioned. She was in the Palliative Care Unit of a large hospital in the Toronto Area. The day she died I received a soul message... upon awakening...that she would be leaving that afternoon and I should be by her side. I hurried to the hospital and when I reached her room I started playing the Divine Soul Song of Love Peace and Harmony. She was not conscious but her soul recognized the frequency and vibration. Her body calmed down and her breathing was less laboured. The music was just loud enough to be heard in the room but within minutes staff members began coming in. First a nurse...then a doctor....a social worker...and more nurses. Each one commented on the beauty of the music and how 'calming and peaceful' it was. Two people also asked about the books in the room....as I had put a circle of Master Sha's books there a few days before. They both said that they had picked one up when they were on duty and read most of it......and....did I mind. "Absolutely not ...I am happy to share the books and the music' I said. The Head Nurse said it would be great if they could get a copy of the music and play it on the floor for everyone....staff and patients. They wanted to know where they could purchase it. I excused myself and went to the car to get CDs for everyone...and some books. When I handed them to the staff...they were really touched. As I sat with my aunt and was joined by other family members....Love Peace and Harmony continued to play. She transitioned that afternoon and the Divine Soul Song Love Peace and Harmony was an incredible blessing for everyone.

    1. Thank you for sharing this lovely event. My heart is touched . You served many souls with your love and light and with the beautiful Love Peace Harmony Divine Soul Song and the wisdom teachings of the Books. We are Blessed.

    2. Dear Master Lynne, Thank you for sharing this story. As a former critical care nurse I was at the bedside for many people and their families when a loved one transitioned. It would have been so wonderful to have had this tool to create love, peace, and harmony for them all. She and the staff were all so very blessed. TYTYTY

    3. Dear Master Marilyn, thank you for provding this page; the stories are an inspiration to each of us on even more ways to spread love, peace and harmony! Master Lynne, thank you very much for sharing this deeply personal event; truly an inspiration!

  2. Dear Lynne,
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. What a wonderful way to help someone in their transitioning process. So many people could use this with their loved ones to have their transition be one of love, peace and harmony.
    Love and gratitude,
    Master Marilyn

  3. Master Marilyn, I would like to share an experience with Love Peace and Harmony Soul Song. I am in Physical Therapy three days each week for the last six months. I discovered that chanting this song with all the souls in the facility brought greater light to my surroundings and especially to my therapy. At some point, I began to ask the souls to join me in forgiveness practice. I am fully aware that these souls have been with me before this experience. I am amazed at the transformation that occurs. There are many individuals who relate to me and comment about the light. There are several who seem to move as far away as possible, and yet seem to watch. For me, sometimes I experience a gamete of emotions related to the forgiveness.. the sharing of light. I continue because I am clear that Love Peace Harmony Soul Song is slowly.. or systematically clearing blockages that are out of the awareness of the human beings in this setting. I am ever grateful for this Blessing. Thank you for this forum to share Love Peace Harmony. I love you. Countless Bow downs.‏

  4. Master Marilyn invites callers each Saturday to join her on Blog Talk Radio for questions and answers about Love Peace Harmony​ Soul Song and the effects this Divine practice has on all humanity, animals, all Souls. Last week shared that three raccoon(s) who left my home last year, had made their way back and had taken up residence in my backyard sharing space with Bailey Cat. I resigned myself to feed them and ask them to be respectful. Master Marilyn reminded me that "wild animals really need to remain in their own habitat and to continue to use their normal animal instincts, especially in the coming months and years of Mother Earth's Transition" Master Marilyn suggested that we send love and light to their natural habitat and invite them to chant love peace and harmony with us daily. That evening after beginning the practice and talking with their souls, I expected them to visit. I searched and found no trace of visitation. It has been a week and the three have not returned. I continue to invite them to sing with me on the soul level. I love singing Love Peace and Harmony. We Make a Difference if we commit 15 minutes a day to bring health and happiness to all on our Dear Mother Earth. I know they are happy in their newly Lighted original habitat. I feel certain they will have a better chance with animal instincts in tact for the coming days. Thank you Master Marilyn. I look forward to your weekly BlogTalkRadio talks. We have a responsibility to all Souls, animals, plants, Your discussions and teaching clarifies daily living and the many ways to use this lovely Divine Gift. Thank you. Love you and I will be with you next week.

  5. Dear Master Marilyn - I have a new client for the past 3 weeks. I taught her the Forgiveness practice and LPH. She was in a lot of turmoil with her relatives. She has been practicing daily. She has been telling me each week that she even falls asleep doing forgiveness practice and does it in her sleep. Today in her session she told me " One of my aunts called me yesterday and she was so nice to me. I mean really really honestly nice to me. It was so strange." I reminded her that she has been doing the forgiveness practice and chanting love peace and harmony with her ancestors and her family for 3 weeks now. She was so happy! I was also so happy!

  6. Dear Master Marilyn, it was an honor to be on the call today and to share a few stories of experiences I've had with animals and insects.
    1. We have several deer who come and visit with their fawns daily to drink water out of a fountain in our back yard. When I open the sliding door to go outside I sometimes startle and deer. I immediately begin to chant Love Peace and Harmony Soul Song verse:
    Lu La-a Lu La Li
    Lu La-a Lu La La Li
    Lu La-a Lu La-a Li Lu La
    Lu La-a Li Lu La
    Lu La-a Li Lu La
    The adults will freeze in position and turn to look at me. The babies usually run off but now they are coming back as soon as I start singing this verse. All souls understand Soul Language and this is the Soul Language of the Divine. It brings immediate peace and calm. In fact, they love our five acres so much they often spend the day and the night on our property. I know they feel safe here.
    2. A number of years ago I had contacted Master Marilyn because of a persistant ant problem in my kitchen. She taught me how to do Soul Communication with them about how to bring Divine Light to their home. They were attracted to my home because of the Divine Light presence. This worked great usually within a few minutes to a few hours and all the ants would be gone.
    A few years ago I had noticed a leaking faucet in my yard and knew I needed to fix the leak. Every day I would go out to my office, notice the leak, and remind myself to fix it but didn't. I was working with a client in my office 4 days later and by this time my lawn had flooded. We had just finished a deep meditation practice. She was facing the back wall of my office and I was sitting 90 degrees to her. She opened her eyes and said, Oh my God, look at your wall! I looked and it was completely covered with big red ants. They were not only on my wall, they were in and on my desk. They were in the drawers of my desk, of my credenza, and file cabinet, and in the files themselves. I immediately knew it was because I had destroyed their home by not fixing the leaky faucet.
    I turned to my client and shared this with her and said, let's do a sincere forgiveness practice with the queen ant of this colony(ies) and sing Love Peace and Harmony. I did a really sincere invocation, suggested where they could build a new home out of my backyard where water would not be a danger. After we finished chanting (at least 10-15 minutes), I asked the queen ant, how long will it be before you leave my office? She said, 24-48 hours. I went back to my office in 24 hours and all the ants were gone except for two 'guardians' who were on the wall next to my glass French doors. I went back again within 48 hours and all the ants had totally gone.
    I am so grateful to Master Marilyn for this teaching. I am very grateful to Master Sha who has shared this divine treasure with humanity and all souls. I am very grateful to the Divine, Tao, Source of all who gave this wonderful gift. I'm happy to share my story to inspire all of you for ways you can share this powerful treasure. LYLYLY TYTYTY CBD CBD CBD

  7. Gloria thank you for sharing these experiences of the power of the message of the sacred soul song of love, peace and harmony and of forgiveness.

  8. Wonderful how chanting the sacred soul song Love Peace and Harmony and forgiveness practice can help us and others to be happier. As Master Sha teaches, “Heal and transform the soul first; then healing and transformation of every aspect of life will follow™

  9. I am happy to share an experience with the sacred soul song Love Peace and Harmony. I was preparing for a road trip with two others; one who has a habit of speaking the thoughts that come to mind in a continuous stream. We came to an agreement that we would each sit in silence as we drove. The CD was playing (muted) and I silently chanted the entire five hours. On previous road trips we had reached our destination in a frazzled state; this time we arrived in a state of peace! Thank you Divine, thank you Master Sha, thank you the sacred soul song Love Peace and Harmony!

  10. Beloved Master Marilyn, Oct/12/2015
    I have a Love Peace Harmony story to share today with you.
    I started a new job today at the school district where my daughter goes to school; I am Lunch Noon Duty Supervisor. Today was my first day. I had turned on all of my Love Peace Harmony Treasures, Jin Dan’s and downloads, I also turned on my new Tao Love Cai Hong Dan Rainbow Light Ball and radiated it out to all the school children, teachers, books, the building and the school district itself as appropriate.
    I sang Love Peace and Harmony while I happily watched all the children eat lunch and play for one and half hours. In the first 33 minutes of singing Love Peace and Harmony inside my heart and with a smile on my face. My supervisor came over to me and said “Wow, this is the most peaceful I have seen this group be (6th graders). Hummm, it must be that some of the children are in the multipurpose room”. (as it was 92 degrees today outside.)
    Then the children ,both the boys and the girls just started to come up to me to introduce themselves to me and talk to me.
    I received the message, that just by standing and being present and chanting for the children, The Divine Soul Song of Love Peace and Harmony that the song brought peace to the whole school, and that some of the children and teachers noticed and felt a difference today on the playground, not really knowing what it was.
    I am honored and blessed to have this service to spread Love Peace and Harmony to all souls.
    Da Gan En.
    Thank you Master Sha for this Divine Soul Song for Humanity and Mother Earth.

  11. I have a lunch duty noon supervisor job at my daughter’s school and I turn on all my treasures and downloads and chant Love Peace and Harmony in my heart as I watch the children eat lunch and play. First I supervise the 6th graders for 33 minutes on one side of the school yard, then wait a little and supervisor the 7and 8th graders on the other side of the playground for 33 mins. Today Two girls on the 6th grade side walked past me and said to me “ it so peaceful today.” as she raised her hands in the air and kept walking with a smile on her face. During the same lunch period a co worker who wasn’t working yesterday came over to me and said that wasn’t so hectic today like it usually is. She was so surprised. She also walked off with a smile on her face.
    Then on the 7, and 8th grade side , I looked above me and I saw two beautiful cranes flying above me in unison.
    I knew it was a sign of Peace. But I wanted to know more, so I then looked up the meaning of two cranes and found out that cranes hold a symbolic representation in many cultures including the eastern cultures which worship these birds for their love, peace and harmony. Because cranes are faithful birds and mate for life. How wonderful is that,
    I love this beautiful planet we live on, all the animals and all of humanity. I am beyond grateful to be able to help spread Love Peace and Harmony to all souls. We are one. Thank you Master Marilyn for this blog, to be able to share our stories of Love Peace and Harmony with one another. Da Gan En, Greatest Gratitude Liela Ross 10-14-15

  12. Dear Master Marilyn,
    Thank you for leading us to sing Heaven's Song, Love Peace and Harmony for 0-2 year olds. I joined the program just as you mentioned this is what we would be chanting for. As soon as we began singing Lu La Lu La Li... I saw a group of babies on clouds. They were very plump and happy. They turned toward the sound as soon as you began. I understood these were babies who were going to be born. They were so happy to hear us singing Love Peace and Harmony.

  13. I have a Love Peace Harmony story to share, this is from listening to Master Marilyn’s Blog Talk Radio transcription I am typing for her.
    Before Master Marilyn started to chant or even announce what practice she was going to lead, a sound started to come onto the line, it sounded like an other- worldly sound that started coming through and Master Marilyn was inaudible.
    I got the message to go back and listen to the sound again and see what the message the sound wanted to tell us, because as I listened, I didn’t view it as an interruption, I viewed it as an opportunity to see what the message meant, as everything has a message. What is this one trying to tell us?. So I rewound and as I did, I listened from beginning to end. I heard Love Peace and Harmony in the rhythm slowly, near the ending. This is before Master Marilyn said she was going to chant Love Peace and Harmony. I got the chills and smiled. I got the message from the Sound that they were here with us to bring Love Peace and Harmony and to help with Master Sha , the Mission, and also with Mother Earth’s transition. We become ONE when we chant together is the message the Sound wishes to convey today. Master Marilyn’s Love Peace and Harmony Practice and every time we chant Love Peace and Harmony together are becoming ONE. We are not alone, and we are being helped from all levels and layers of the universe/s. They are so happy to join us and gather with us at this time. They are aware and most grateful for the opportunity to serve as well, as it is all possible because of Master Sha and what he has brought to Mother Earth at this time. We are beyond blessed. They are showing their gratitude and are honored to join us in this way. Hao Hao Hao
    I am beyond blessed to have the honor of serving in this way transcribing Master Marilyn’s Blog Talk Radio Program and her Forgiveness Practices. I am able to do this at my own pace and on my own time. When I have time to do a Forgiveness practice in my day, I transcribe a Forgiveness Practice. It is perfect. To me, this service is so fun, as I get to really engulf myself in the teachings at a hearing, seeing and physical level, as I am typing as well as listening to the recordings and seeing the writing. I just love it, my soul is so happy to absorb the teachings in this way. Now I am getting an opportunity to look deeper into the teachings and then in turn be able to offer even more service by sharing.
    Thank you The Source, Thank you the Divine, Thank you The Tao, Thank you Master Sha and Thank you Master Marilyn.
    This is a calling, if you can type fast, I type 70wpm, so this isn’t that difficult of service for me, it does require time and going back and forth to be sure of no errors or typos. If you are at home, and have access to a computer and can type fast, and know word, then definitely
    find yourself a Divine Channel and offer your services to them. There is plenty of service to go around. This will help the Divine Channels with their blogs, facebook pages, written flows for magazine articles etc.
    I love you all.
    Happy Serving.
    Liela Ross