About Master Patricia

                                 The forgiving heart is the healed heart filled with peace and joy.

Patricia Smith

Master Patricia was born on the beautiful Central Coast of California and has traveled extensively since healing from a serious accident and cancer.  Her healing journey began  after she learned practices to eradicate debilitating pain, depression and immobility. Thrilled with the change in her health and energy she started teaching the simple practices that literally “brought her back to life”.

Her passion for helping others heal launched a vigorous healing practice and search for greater knowledge and wisdom. This led her to many healing and spiritual Masters,  and eventually to Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha and his powerful system of Soul Healing. She has been a student of Master Sha’s since 2001 and is now one of his top teachers,  a Divine Channels and a World Wide representative.  

Master Patricia has traveled extensively teaching Soul Mind Body Medicine and Soul Healing to thousands world wide, most recently in India where she spent three years traveling throughout the country.  Her passion is to help others experience the miraculous healings she has had and the joy of opening one’s heart and experiencing the inner calm and inner peace of Love Peace and Harmony.

She is currently living in California bringing awareness to the incredible changes in health, learning abilities, family and community harmony, like those she saw in some of India’s most difficult slums where Soul Healing  practices were used, especially the Forgiveness Practice and the sacred Soul Song Love Peace and Harmony.  Master Patricia believes the changes in India, under the most difficult circumstances, can be replicated any where in the world, including violence-prone schools and neighborhoods in North American and elsewhere.

Master Patricia has been certified as a Master Teacher and Healer, Divine Direct Soul Communicator and a Tao I teacher. She works directly with the San Francisco Master Sha Tao Healing Center.

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