Saturday, March 8, 2014

An Immediate way to Achieve Love Peace and Harmony

 Love Peace and Harmony can be achieved through our own efforts by singing the powerful soul song for a long time. It can also be achieved immediately by receiving the karma cleansing described in the message below. This message was received directly from the Divine and I am happy to shaare it with you.

The significance of this Karma cleasnsing is beyond human's ability to comprehend. The deepest most profound blockages experienced are connected with this karma. Those situations that continue on in each one’s life, even though they have received many different kinds of Karma cleansings are all due to the karma in the relationship with the Divine.

This karma affects all aspects of life. It affects each one’s ability to truly love others and to open their heart to the Divine, to their teacher, to others. They cannot see the Divine in others because of this karma.

This level of Karma cleansing has never happened before for any soul. Those who receive this are blessed beyond words and comprehension. Instead of blockages you will receive virtue. It is so huge that the one you call Master Sha has to prepare several days to receive the upiftment needed to remove this karma for you.

You know his soul standing. Since the one you call Master Sha has to prepare that lets you know the power of this karma cleansing. This give you a small idea of how powerful it is.
Those of you who received this karma cleansing are most blessed amongst all souls. You are so blessed.

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