Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How to Help Children Sleep Peacefully Using Love Peace and Harmony.

In my travels to various continents I have had the opportunity to talk to many moms,
aunties, grandmas, some dads, uncles and grandpas. I have heard wonderful, heart touching stories about the ways they have used Love Peace and Harmony with their little ones. For the next few posts I will share the essence of some of what has been shared with me.

Bedtime can sometimes be stressful. There are many reasons
for this. For some children it is actually scary. Others don’t like to end the day’s activities and then, there are all the reasons in between.

Children all round the world have settled down, calmed down and gone to sleep peacefully while Love Peace and
Harmony is being sung to them. It is a beautiful picture to see a stressed little one slip into peaceful slumber. You know they will have beautiful dreams. 
Slipping into peaceful slumber also works for big people. All you need to do is play the CD gently and relax as Master Sha sings for you. That is very lovely. 

This Divine Soul Song is so powerful because it carries Divine frequency and vibration. This means it carries Divine Love which heals, on all levels. Divine Forgiveness which brings inner joy and peace. Divine Compassion which boosts energy, stamina, vitality and immunity and Divine Light which heals, rejuvenates, prevents illness and more. With all these wonderful healing treasures it is easy to understand why Love Peace and Harmony is so effective.

Share your stories, pictures, videos of how Love Peace and Harmony has made a difference for you and/or the little ones in your life. Besides your name or initials please include your city and country.

Love and blessings,
Master Marilyn


  1. Yes, this also works for Big People. I was visiting an elderly gentleman who was recovering from hip surgery. He was cranky and irritable and I played the Love Peace Harmony CD. He fell asleep and woke up was peaceful and asked if he could help me with a project. The transformation was amazing.

  2. Dear Master Marilyn -- Thank you for this post and wisdom. I totally agree as i have given the CD to a few parents for their children for just what you suggested here. I also used to have a clients that was in many 'retirement' and "homes' for the elderly. She had the CD and after a few other residents asked her about it i held a little social gathering in her room one day and shared the benefits of the CD. WELL -- that ended up with me copying 8 discs for those that wanted them for sleep time etc. It was always so uplifting and touched my heart whenever i visited and heard the LPH soul song playing in so many rooms. Not to mention the many 'new friends' that i made through it. Thank you and for those that have not downloaded the CD -- do it NOW. You will be so happy and amazed at the transformations it will bring to every aspect of life. xx

  3. Dear Master Marilyn,
    These stories about the blessings and miracles of the Love, Peace, Harmony soul song, I love children and really enjoy hearing how much the CD can help them! Love and gratitude to Heaven and Master Sha!