Monday, June 23, 2014

How a Bully Became a Friend

I have shared this story as part of an earlier post but it is so heart touching it deserves its own post.

A kindergarten girl was being "bothered" by two classmates who were "mean" to her. She tried all the strategies her mother and grandmother taught her but none of them worked. Her grandmother asked me for suggestions on how to handle the situation more effectively.

Immediately, the idea of singing Love Peace and Harmony for the little girl, the students who were "bothering" her, their teacher, every grown person who came into the classroom, the parents of all her classmates and the siblings of her classmates. A small group of five of us sang Love Peace and
Harmony daily for 15 minutes. We included all these groups. After only two weeks the situation had changed. The rapport continued to improve until after just a matter of weeks one of the "mean" students invited the little girl home for a play date!

This is absolutely the most effective solution to bullying that I have ever experienced is all the years I taught school. It brought results and it was totally cost effective.

I would love to hear stories of how you have used Love Peace and Harmony to transform situations.

Love and blessings,
Master Marilyn


  1. This is such an inspiring story! If only all schools played the Love Peace Harmony song all the time. Thank you for sharing this story. I am going to share it with teachers.

  2. Master Marilyn. thank you for sharing this practical technique for an all too common problem. What an inspirational example of love melting blockages! . with love and gratitude, Cynthia

  3. Love this story, thank you Master Marilyn!