Tuesday, July 12, 2016

30 Days of LPH in Daily Life: Day Five: Closure through Love Peace and Harmony

Closure through Love Peace and Harmony

Below is the Day Five in the series 30 Days of Love Peace and Harmony in Daily Life. The topic is significant because we are all at some point in the process of closure, or letting go.

In our lives, there are things that have in fact come to closure, there are some that are in the process and there are some that we might need to really put more energy into having them at least begin the process of closure.

The soul of Love Peace and Harmony has great wisdom to share with us about how Love Peace and Harmony can help us, no matter where we are in the process. Here is the flow from Love Peace and Harmony.

My most dearly beloved sons and daughters I love you so much. I want to help you in all aspects of your life. I am so grateful to share with you, to tell you of my love and let you know how much I can help you. I want to help you so much. All you need to do is ask.
For all that has been part of your life where you have experienced closure ask Love Peace and Harmony to radiate more. The event will continue to receive blessings and will become a powerful presence of healing and health.

For those things that still need closure it is so simple. Ask me to radiate in each part of these things; the people, environment, structures and any other thing that is part of what needs closure. When I become present it will be possible for you to release and heal anything blocking the closure.

So often closure is blocked by unbalanced emotions and attachments. When I radiate in the organs connected to the unbalanced emotion, there will be a transformation in the emotion. When I radiate in your Message Center (Heart Chakra) you will be able to release attachments. I am waiting to serve you. Hao.

Body Power: Sit straight. Put your feet flat on the floor. Put both hands below your navel. Put your tongue at the top of your mouth. 

Soul Power:
Dear soul mind and body of Love Peace and Harmony, I love you, thank you and appreciate you. You have the ability to help bring closure to situations and events in my life so they will radiate Love Peace and Harmony. Please heal my unbalanced emotions of (name the emotions) and transform the attachments I have. I know you will do a good job! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Mind Power: Visualize or imagine each event or situation radiating beautiful rainbow light.

Sound Power: Sing, or play, Love Peace and Harmony for 15 minutes. In your home, or wherever you are play Love Peace and Harmony all day. The volume can be very low. You will be delightfully surprised to discover what happens.

I look forward to reading your experiences when you connect with the flow from Love Peace and Harmony and the practice that follows the flow.

Love and gratitude,
Master Marilyn                                                                                                               


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