Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Welcome from Master Marilyn Smith

My name is Master Marilyn. I am one of the first Worldwide Representative of Master Sha. I had the honor of serving in India with my sister Master Patricia for part of the time she was there. We are really excited about sharing the transformation that happened.

The soul song Love Peace and Harmony is one of the jewels in my journey with Dr. and Master Sha. There are so many heart touching and life transforming practices and wisdom, but the Love Peace and Harmony soul song is very special to me. It resonated in a very deep way with who I am.

I realize that essence of Love Peace and Harmony (LPH) have been part of my life since earliest childhood. I have memories of my parents doing things to help other people. It simply was who they were. Some of the things were big, like offering a room to a friend for as long as needed, others were not as big, like offering a listening heart to a neighbor who was facing challenges. My parents taught us that helping others to be happier was a primary value. They taught this with actions, not just words. They did not use the words “Join hearts and souls together” but that was what they were doing.

In this blog I will be sharing with you how the soul song Love Peace and Harmony has transformed the lives of students as well as those who live in a slum, in India, a situation of bullying in Australia and creating peace in a neighborhood in Malaysia. There are so many of these experiences worldwide. This blog will be a place where you can enter into those experiences and also share your own.

I look forward to you sharing your experiences with the soul song of Love Peace and Harmony.  I will offer a special Love Peace and Harmony blessing to all of you who share.

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