Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Welcome From Master Patricia Smith


My name is Master Patricia Smith. I am one of Master Sha’s World Wide Representatives, Certified Divine Direct Soul Communicators and Master Teacher and  Healer.  And I am immensely honored to be able to participate on this blog with my sister, Master Marilyn.
This blog is about the world of Love Peace and Harmony and how to create this on mother earth.  

My experiences with this powerful healing and transformative  soul song have been life changing for me. During my time in India, for example, my sister and I would stand in front of hundreds of children who quickly learned this soul song. I remember their voices raising to the rafters and their bodies moving with joy and enthusiasm, and many then taking LPH to their families and school rooms.
One of the first things I taught when I went to India was Love Peace and Harmony (LPH). This was the only tool that new students had but it touched their hearts deeply and many recognized  this soul song carried high frequency and vibration and immense healing power. One student, a certified Medical Dr., used LPH non stop to heal her physician father who had just had a stroke with blindness in one eye. In three weeks he recovered fully and returned to his job as a general surgeon!

And this was just the beginning of many miracles healings and transformations with the Love Peace and Harmony soul song.
My heart’s desire is to help everyone on mother earth experience the power of LPH. This blog is designed for you. We want to hear from you. What issues are causing you and others pain and suffering.

We invite you to join us in helping relieve your own suffering and that of mother earth.  Joining together we can bring a new light to our own lives and to every community, every country side, every country, every continent…every soul on mother earth.

Thank you for coming to this blog.


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