Monday, November 25, 2013

Singing Aligns Us With the Divine & Amazing Things Happen

Muir Woods National Park

I love the way Love Peace and Harmony came to humanity through Master Sha. For those of us who know Master Sha it is very special. It would be wonderful for you know him too. The way he received this song will give you a little hint about Master Sha.

Master Sha has a passion for helping others and he works nonstop, yet three students were able to get him to take an afternoon off when he had an office in San Francisco. They went across the bay to Muir Woods. Getting Master Sha to take time off was really amazing. Suffering does not take time off so neither does Master Sha. However instead of making him glum his commitment to service manifests as the deepest joy and gratitude. I don’t think I have met a more joyful grateful person.

This is the setting for the afternoon outing.

One of the students had been thinking that it would be a good thing for the mission, which is “… to create love peace and harmony for humanity, Mother Earth, and all universes” to have a song. She asked if it would be possible to ask the Divine for a song for the mission. In his characteristic way Master Sha said, “Of course.” Master Sha also is not shy, and he does not put inspiration off for a “better” time, he acts immediately so right there, as they were entering Muir Woods, Master Sha put his hand up toward heaven and asked for a soul song for the mission.

Instantly a beam of rainbow light came from heaven and went through Master Sha’s whole body. When he opened his mouth these sounds came out

Lu La Lu La Li

Lu La Lu La La Li

Lu La Lu La Li Lu La

Lu La Li Lu La

Lu La Li Lu La

These were new sounds to Master Sha. He realized this was a new soul song. He received the translation in Chinese which he immediately translated to English.

I love my heart and soul.

I love all humanity.

Join hearts and souls together.

Love Peace and Harmony.

Love Peace and Harmony.


The whole song and each individual line have immense power and benefit.

I love my heart and soul is self-healing.

I love all humanity self clears karma because we are serving others unconditionally.

Join hearts and souls together is what the Divine wants for all humanity, for all souls.

Love Peace and Harmony are the result.

How many of you would like just one of these possibilities in your life? How about being able to have all of them?

That is absolutely possible and all you have to do is sing. It sounds too easy. But that is exactly how generous the Divine is. We get the whole package and all we have to do is sing. The secret is singing aligns us with the divine and amazing things happen. You will read some of those amazing things in future posts.
I am so excited to share all of this with you. I look forward to hearing from you.
~ Master Marilyn


  1. Thank you for this joyful teaching and sharing, Master Marilyn!

    I loved the immense light that radiated out of this post. Such a calming and soothing effect. Beautiful!

    Thank you so much!

  2. Dear Master Mirva,

    What you experienced reading this post is what happens when people sing this beautiful song. It is amazing that so much can transform by singing!

    Love and blessings,
    Master Marilyn