Sunday, January 19, 2014

You Can Make a Difference for Peace

Humanity and Mother Earth are experiencing such difficult times. It is so important to hold Mother
Earth in an embrace of Love Peace and Harmony. This actually happened starting December 16 and it is continuing on. Worldwide Representatives and students of Dr. and Master Sha worldwide have been singing Love Peace and Harmony in rotation. This powerful song has been sung 24/7.

Those who led the singing experienced the truth of Dr. and Master Sha's one sentence secret, "You are what you chant."There were many who joined to sing along and found the experience so transforming they would stay for two, three or four hours. Becoming Love Peace and Harmony at a stressful time of year is a wonderful treasure.

Join in holding Mother Earth in Love Peace and Harmony.

Click the image to listen to the Divine Soul Song Love Peace Harmony To download, right-click (Mac: Control-click) and select Save.
Click here to download the LPH Multilingual PDF

Share your experiences using Love Peace and Harmony.

I look forward ot hearing from you,
Master Marilyn


  1. Love Peace Harmony is so powerful. The stories shared by the participants of our LPH Peru group are about better relationships at home, calmer drivers on the road, and more harmonious offices because they play the CD 24/7. I cannot recommended it enough! Blessings, Mimi Telaya, Lima, Peru.

  2. I love chanting Love, Peace, and Harmony as I work. Lately I have been painting houses and it is very convenient to sing as I paint, what I really love is that singing Love, Peace, and Harmony as I work makes the day go by quicker. It also helps me to stay motivated and get my work done faster!

  3. I love chanting Love Peace and Harmony. I've been chanting and playing LPH for many years now. I play it 24/7 in my home. I have noticed, if the song stops playing for any amount of time, the energy shifts in my home, it seems the calm and peaceful feeling disappears. As a mother I am always looking for ways to protect my children and help them. I played LPH in their bedrooms at night, and now they specifically request that I play LPH at bedtime. It helps them sleep peacefully and not have bad dreams. During this past summer, there was a very violent thunderstorm in the area we live. I felt myself having anxiety and fear during this storm, and I immediately went and turned up the volume of LPH and sang and chanted. It greatly helped me to stay calm during that time. Love Peace Harmony is changing my life. My families life. And I know it has the power to change the world. Thank you heaven for creating this Divine Soul Song. Thank you Master Marilyn and Master Patricia for this wonderful blog. I love you. Love, Breean

  4. Today while I was meeting with the Love,Peace,Harmony World Family in San Jose, we chanted the Divine Soul Song of Love Peace Harmony. We did this for 15 min. Afterwards I was almost brought to tears. I could feel this song touch deep into my soul. I sing this song often, but something happens when I sing this song with a group. I have a deeper understanding of how powerful this song is and how it is benefiting so many lives. Thank you for this blessing,