Tuesday, October 28, 2014

30 Days of LPH in Daily Life: Day One: Helping a Pet that Has Health Challenges

3   I will be doing 30 Days of Love Peace and Harmony in Daily Life. Below is the First Day. The question came from one of the participants on the Chanting Channel. The response is from the Soul of Love Peace and Harmony. If you have a question you would like the Soul of Love Peace and Harmony to give you guidance on, please put your question in the Comment box and I will be honored to connect with the Soul of Love Peace and Harmony and do a flow for you.

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Dear Soul of Love Peace and Harmony what is the best mind-set to have when a loved one, specifically a pet, is experiencing health challenges that are life threatening?
My dearly beloved, I know how special pets or as some people say, animal companions are to so many of you. It is so hard to see them suffer. They don’t use human words to tell you how they feel, but most certainly do communicate with you in powerful and gentle ways.
When they are not well the best mind-set to have is unconditional gratitude. This will allow you to focus on all that has been positive. It will uplift your spirit and it will do the same for your pet. Your pet knows you are sad or worried. They love you and want to help you be happy. Gratitude can bring a powerful healing to both you and your pet.
This is what I suggest to you at this time. Hao

Let me suggest a practice for you using my song. I will use the Four Power Technique™ of Master Sha.

·        Body Power: place you hand on the area where your pet has an issue.

·        Soul Power:
  Dear Soul mind and body of Love Peace and Harmony, I love you, thank you and appreciate you.
o   Please bless_____________________(name all the blessings you want for your pet)
o   Thank you.
o   Dear all the Love Peace Harmony downloads given to all souls in all universes, I love you, honor you and appreciate you. Please turn on in _________________(name your pet)__________(name the organ(s) or system(s). Please radiate Love Peace and Harmony to one another. Dear all souls in all universes please turn on your Love Peace Harmony downloads and join and chant with us together. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

·        Sound Power: Sing Love Peace and Harmony for at least 15 minutes. Ask the soul of your pet to chant with you together, in a special way.

·        Mind Power: Visualize or imagine your pet radiating beautiful golden light, head to toe, skin to bone.

·        End by saying Hao three times. This means “perfect”, “wonderful” and all good wishes.

·        Repeat this practice as often as you can during the day.

Love and blessings,
Master Marilyn



  1. Thank you, Master Marilyn, for your generous offer to answer questions by connecting with the soul of Love Peace and Harmony. I am really touched by the simple and profound response that came through today's flow. It is so sweet and gentle. And I can see how this would apply to other aspects of life. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

  2. Our dog Bear has digestive issues so I am going to do this practice with him and will report back in a few days to report his progress to the blog. I am so excited to do this practice with Bear! He is going to love it! Thank you Divine and thank you Master Marilyn <3

  3. Master Marilyn, Thank you very much for tapping into the Divine Soul Song LPH and offering this insightful flow. What a profound message. Of course, this makes so much sense to focus on feeling grateful, rather than focus on worry.
    "Gratitude changes my life....Gratitude changes my life" I was singing this song today while out walking Manni. Thank You for your love and service. What a beautiful message.

  4. Dear Master Marilyn,
    Thank you! I will do this with the soul of my childhood dog, a beautiful whippet called Pascal. She was born on Easter Day.
    I am forwarding this to friends who have beloved animal companions!

  5. Such a hear touching flow, very profound! I am very grateful for the practice you shared. I will definitly use it to create love, peace and harmony between my beloved cats as there are also some challenges. I am exfremly grateful for your most generous offef to answer our questions!

    Da Gan En Master Marilyn!

  6. Thank You for offering the flow from the Divine Soul Song LPH regarding my question. This really comes at the perfect time and it truly is a gift. How appropriate to receive it on the night before Manni's birthday. Today is his birthday and I feel so much gratitude that this beautiful source of unconditional love came into my life.

    Although I do practice multiple times on the Chanting Chanel, I hadn't thought about practicing LPH throughout the day for Manni, when you suggested that on your blog, I thought 'YES OF COURSE!', my heart totally resonated with that idea.

    Thank You Thank you for reminding us all of the power of Gratitude. I really love the song you sing on the Chanting Channel "Gratitude Changes my life....Gratitude Changes my life", it totally uplifts my spirits.

    The Blair Family

  7. Dear Master Marilyn,

    I have an idea for a topic: bringing Love Peace and Harmony between teachers and students. I am especially thinking of infants and toddlers in day-care and pre-schoolers. TYTYTY

  8. Dear Vicky,

    Thank you for this suggestion. It's interesting because children kept coming as the topic of the next flow from the soul of Love Peace and Harmony. This can be the question for Day Two.

    Love and gratitude,
    Master Marilyn