Saturday, November 8, 2014

Love Peace and Harmony Is Tao; Tao Is Love Peace and Harmony

When I was doing my LIVE  BlogTalkRadio Program, (call in number 929.477.2854) Thursday, November 6, at noon PT I had a huge “aha” realization about the profound connection between Love Peace and Harmony and Tao. There are no images of Tao, light is the closest I can come. What I have shared in this post can be stated so simply, but it has layers of meaning and significance. It would be wonderful to have you share your insights.

The First Line: I love my heart and soul. We become one within our self, blockages are removed. That is the first step in the Tao journey, the journey to meld with Tao.

The Second Line: I love all humanity. We are offering service to all humanity. It’s huge service, which will clear even more blockages.

The Third Line: Join hearts and souls together. This is a Divine Order. Another way to say Line Three is “to become one.” As we are in the process of becoming one we are in the process of melding with Tao. We go from wan wu, all souls, back to three, to two, to one, to Tao. Joining hearts and souls together is to become one, to meld with Tao.
This is a tremendous blessing and it’s built right into this song. Every time we sing this song, besides the healing, besides the blessings, this song is a powerful tool for us to meld with Tao.

The Fourth and Fifth Lines: Love Peace and Harmony. These experiences are a hint of what it’s like melding with Tao. Love Peace and Harmony are shen, qi and jing. 

This new awareness is such a treasure! It adds so much significance to this amazing song. It is no wonder singing Love Peace and Harmony is so powerful. 

Please share your insights about Love Peace and Harmony.

Love and blessings,
Master Marilyn


  1. Dear Master Marilyn,
    I was so fortunate to be on the call with you! Thank you!

    Sometimes it seems easier to say, "I love all Humanity", than to say, "I love every person on Mother Earth.", given that we all have personalities and have had unpleasant encounters that we have not yet forgiven.

    But when I sing this song (as opposed to saying the words above) each word has its own energy and strength. They surpass or overcome the differences between ourselves to reveal the Love that permeates all there is. When I sing Love Peace and Harmony, I feel Heaven's infinite love for Humanity and all souls, and with this my heart opens more and more, and then everyone is welcome. Then I truly mean "I love all Humanity"

    We are so blessed to have this song.

    Thank you so much for sharing it. I will share it as well. I was able to download it at

    1. Dear Vicky,
      It is delightful to have you phone in. Doing the program LIVE increases the energy to wonderful levels. Having others sing with me adds to the light.
      Thank you for sharing these insights. The significance and power of Love Peace and Harmony have so many layers of meaning. I'm sure you will have more wisdom revealed to you.
      Love and gratitude,
      Master Marilyn

  2. Wow Master Marilyn, this is such incredible insight... I'll be memorising these words you have flowed, so I can share the wondrous power and significance of Love Peace and Harmony with more and more souls. It is such a gift! Thank you for sharing, and for your ability to gain such sacred insights in order to serve Wan Ling. Love you Love you Love you Ty Ty Ty CBD CBD CBD

  3. Dear Maddie,
    Thank you for your comment. I'm very grateful that this message was so helpful to you and that you will be able to share it with others. I was also so amazed by the flow. I am so grateful to Master Sha for all the blessings and treasures I have received over the years to make it possible for me to serve in this way.
    Love and gratitude,
    Master marilyn

  4. Dear Gloria,

    Thank you for your comment. I love the ways you use Love Peace and Harmony. It was especially delightful to read about the response of the animals. Since many of us have been inviting wang ling, all souls, to sing with us these animals have probably bee singing Love Peace and Harmony for several years with amazing results .

    Continue with what you are doing and invite others to join you. I'll bet you will be surprised how many people would respond "YES".

    Love and gratitude,
    Master Marilyn

  5. Dear Master Marilyn,

    such a great message, I love the Divine soul song of love, peace and harmony more and more. It truly has the power to change and transform ALL life, amazing! Endless opportunities! Thank you Master Marilyn, thank you Master Sha, thank you the Divine, thank you love, peace and harmony!

  6. Dear Nina,
    Thank you for your response. It is so amazing, the more we sing this powerful song the more we realize the many ways we can apply it. It's true, the opportunities are endless.
    Love and gratitude,
    Master Marilyn