Tuesday, December 23, 2014

30 Days of LPH in Daily Life: Day Three: How to Reduce Workplace Stress by Applying Love Peace and Harmony

Below is the Day Three in the series 30 Days of Love Peace and Harmony in Daily Life. The question came from one of the participants on the Chanting Channel. The response is from the Soul of Love Peace and Harmony. If you have a question you would like the Soul of Love Peace and Harmony to give you guidance on, please put your question in the Comment box and I will be honored to connect with the Soul of Love Peace and Harmony and do a flow for you.

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Dear Soul of Love Peace and Harmony, what suggestions do you have for reducing workplace stress?


This is such an important question. So many workplaces are characterized by stress. This is so unfortunate. It affects everyone and every aspect of the company. There can be so many reasons for stress in the workplace. I will give guidance about just one of those which is interactions with coworkers. 

A very powerful and gentle way to transform interactions with coworkers is to include them daily when you sing Love Peace and Harmony. Every soul has downloads of Love Peace and Harmony. That means that every person who is part of your workplace has trillions of downloads inside them. Call on these treasures. Turn them on. Ask them to radiate Love Peace and Harmony and then sing Love Peace and Harmony. Ask Love Peace and Harmony to bless the soul of the relationship between you and specific coworkers. Sing at least 15 minutes every day. You will be quite delighted and amazed at what happens. You might think this is too simple. It is simple and that is its strength. Hao. 

Body Power: Sit straight. Put your feet flat on the floor. Put both hands below your navel. Put your tongue at the top of your mouth. 

Soul Power:
Dear soul mind and body of Love Peace and Harmony, I love you, thank you and appreciate you. You have the ability to help my coworkers and me to radiate Love Peace and Harmony. I know you will do a good job! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Mind Power: Visualize or imagine each person radiating beautiful rainbow light, head to toe, skin to bone.

Sound Power: Sing, or play, Love Peace and Harmony for 15 minutes. In your workplace play Love Peace and Harmony all day. The volume can be very low. You will be delightfully surprised to discover what happens.

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  1. Thank you dear Master Marilyn, Love Peace Harmony flow, Divine, Tao, the Source, Dear Beloved Master Sha, Rainbow Light, this practice has my Heart softened, open and a deep very expanded feeling thru my entire being...Wow!!! Such a Beautiful deep peace...Thank you <3 <3 <3 CBDS,CBDs,CBDS,Ty,TY,Ty,LY,Ly,Ly...Greatest Gratitude...Da Gan En...

  2. Dear Lynnea,
    I am so grateful this post has been so helpful to you. Love Peace and Harmony is such a wonderful soul and song!
    Love and gratitude,
    Master marilyn

  3. Wow, this teaching is very simple and can be used every single day for both healing and prevention. I know that some people feel that chanting is a chore, but for me, it becomes part of my day and I enjoy it. Thank you for sharing this.

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