Friday, February 13, 2015

30 Days of LPH in Daily Life: Day Four: Forgiveness and Love Peace and Harmony

Below is the Day Four in the series 30 Days of Love Peace and Harmony in Daily Life. The question came from one of the participants on the Tao Abilities Retreat. The response is from the Soul of Love Peace and Harmony.

If you have a question you would like the Soul of Love Peace and Harmony to give you guidance on, please put your question in the Comments box and I will be honored to connect with the Soul of Love Peace and Harmony and do a flow for you.

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Dear Soul of Love Peace and Harmony, 
What is the connection between forgiveness and Love Peace and Harmony?

My most beloved  students,

There is a strong connection. You need to think about what forgiveness is. Not many people in this society really understand forgiveness. 
Unfortunately, many think of it as weakness, when in fact forgiveness takes great strength of character and honesty. 
Forgiveness means you open your heart to the one who has hurt you and you are willing to release all the pain and suffering connected to that hurt. 
When you do that you experience Love Peace and Harmony. Master Sha's one sentence secret for Forgiveness is  " Forgiveness brings deep inner joy and inner peace." There is no second way to experience inner peace.

 In another sharing I will tell you the steps to Forgiveness. It is actually quite simple and the rewards are great.

Love and gratitude,
Master Marilyn

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  1. Dear Soul of Love Peace and Harmony, I often feel some resistance to singing the Love Peace Harmony Soul Song. Do you have any recommendations to help me have more flow and ease in my daily practice of singing the Love Peace Harmony song? I know how important it is but I still have resistance.
    with love and gratitude,