Saturday, December 6, 2014

30 Days of LPH in Daily Life: Day Two: Developing Love Peace and Harmony between Teachers and Toddlers in Day-care and Preschool

      I am doing 30 Days of Love Peace and Harmony in Daily Life. Below is the Second Day. This question came from one of the participants on the Chanting Channel. The response is from the Soul of Love Peace and Harmony

If you have a question you would like the Soul of Love Peace and Harmony to give you guidance on, please put your question in the Comment box and I will be honored to connect with the Soul of Love Peace and Harmony and do a flow for you.

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Dear Soul of Love Peace and Harmony, what suggestions do you have for developing Love Peace and Harmony between Teachers and Toddlers in Day Care and Preschool?

I love this question! Toddlers are so very special. A classroom full of toddlers is like having a classroom full of promises and possibilities. I can help each child fulfill their promises and explore their possibilities, and I can help the teachers see the little ones in this way. 

Toddlers give us so many treasures: exuberance, questions, desire to explore, establishing limits and more. Use my song, Love Peace and Harmony. Sing it with the children every day. They will love it.

 Love Peace and Harmony will transform their frequency and vibration. All the things that had been out of sync will begin to align with the frequency and vibration of Love Peace and Harmony. This will make such a difference for individual children, for the teachers and for the whole class. Love Peace and Harmony will radiate in the children, teachers and from the classroom to the entire school. 

I am so happy to think you will be bringing this gift to so many people. What a wonderful way for these children to begin their school career!

Teachers can use the practice below before going to school each day, (or for parents at home
before the children get up to get ready for school).

Body Power: If the toddlers are asleep, then sit straight with your feet flat on the floor and both hands below your navel. If the toddlers are up, let them move around in rhythm to the song. Let them clap or move the way the music moves.

Soul Power: 
Say, "Dear soul mind and body of Love Peace and Harmony I love you, thank you and appreciate you. You have the ability to help each child fulfill their promises and explore their possibilities, and to help me see these little ones as promises and possibilities. I know you will do a good job! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

Mind Power: Visualize or imagine each child radiating beautiful rainbow light, head to toe, skin to bone.

Sound Power: Sing, or play, Love Peace and Harmony for 15 minutes. In the classroom play Love Peace and Harmony all day. The volume can be very low. The very best would be to teach the children this song and let them sing it all together for 5 minutes three times during the day. You will be delightfully surprised to discover what happens with the children, not only in the classroom, but also in their home.


  1. Dear Master Marilyn,
    Thank you so much for responding to my question and with a flow from the Soul of Love Peace and Harmony! Thank you dear Soul of Love Peace and Harmony for your guidance!

    I substitute teach and am in state and school district preschools a lot these days. So many children are agitated and get upset easily. Most classes have several "special needs" children but don't have adequate staff.

    I will follow the teaching and will share with some teachers. I am very grateful!

    Thank you,
    Vicky Swan

  2. This flow and practice instill such hope for the future. i wish all teachers and parents would read this and suggest to do this in their schools and homes. TY Master Patricia. <3 <3 <3

  3. Dear Gloria,
    Using this approach would make such a difference in all aspects of the school program. Perhaps you could suggest this to any teachers or parents you know.
    Love and gratitude,Master Marilyn

  4. Dear Vicky,
    Thank you for your response. Thank you also for telling other teachers about this approach. I look forward to reading comments from you, in the future, telling about what happens when these ideas are put into action.
    Love and gratitude,
    Master Marilyn